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Automated Home

Remote & voice control

Get hands-free and boss around your devices. With our smart home solutions, control is just a remote click or a clever command away.

Scenes & Schedules

Master your smart home. Schedule and control with ease. Customize your settings effortlessly.

Analytics/Energy monitoring

Monitor and control your energy consumption like a pro. Save energy, save the planet.

Ambient Lightning And Other Features​

Experience smart living at its finest. With sensors, security solutions, and ambient lighting, your home becomes a realm of comfort and convenience. 

Our Devices

Our innovative mindset has led us to create the most advanced and user-friendly smart home tech that is both affordable and convenient. Designed to seamlessly integrate with your current home setup, installation is hassle-free without the need for rewiring, making it a completely retrofit solution.

The 3 step process

1. Solution

Creating custom automation solution that perfectly matches your home’s needs and reflect your unique preferences.

2. Quotation

Next, discussing the pricing and creating a tailored quotation for your custom automation solution. Our transparent and flexible approach ensures affordability without hidden costs.

3. Installation

Once you’ve made your decision, we’ll swiftly schedule the installation at your convenience. With no rewiring needed, our expert team ensures a stress-free affair, completing the setup within a day. Experience the convenience of a smart home without any delays.


I don’t understand much about all this, how do I start?

No worries. Simply give us a call, and our team will be happy to provide you with detailed explanations and assist you in getting started.

Can my existing home be automated?

Yes. Our solutions are specifically engineered to automate both new and existing homes seamlessly, eliminating the need for any rewiring or reconfiguration.

Does it involve any rewiring?

Absolutely. Our products are designed to be fully compatible with your existing switchboard, eliminating the need for any rewiring. You can enjoy the benefits of our solutions without the hassle of making any changes to your current electrical setup.

How long does it take for installation?

The installation process for each device typically takes about 15 minutes. When setting up a standard 3 BHK (bedroom, hall, and kitchen), the complete installation usually requires approximately 2-3 hours.


I am amazed by Bettr Homes' home automation solutions! They are undoubtedly the best in the market. The devices are incredibly user-friendly, and their team provides prompt and organized service. Bettr Homes has truly added value to my residential project, and I highly recommend them for any home automation needs. Keep up the excellent work!"​

Rahul Sharma

Sky Builders

After experiencing Bettr Homes' automation systems at our office in Delhi, we were thoroughly impressed with their user-friendly devices. We were so satisfied that we decided to automate our residence as well. I wholeheartedly recommend Bettr Homes for their top-notch solutions and unmatched service​

Rohan Gupta

Real Properties

Bettr Homes' home automation solutions have transformed my life! I installed their systems a few months ago, and I'm genuinely impressed with the quality of products and services they offer. Living in the automation lifestyle has become second nature to my entire family, thanks to Bettr Homes. I couldn't be happier with my decision to choose them!​

Arjun Verma


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