Residential - Independent Builder Houses

Developed by either a single builder or a small group, these houses boast diverse designs and constructions. Our close collaboration with the builders has empowered them with customized automation solutions, setting them apart as market leaders.


Small apartments are typically developed by real estate companies or groups of builders, featuring standardized houses, common areas, and organized utility systems such as water supply and parking facilities. Our collaboration with these developers involves delivering automation solutions for parking, water management, security, and energy efficiency. Additionally, we customize automation for individual apartments based on each customer’s requirements.


Bungalows are usually assigned as projects to a single developer by an individual. The design and all elements are personalized to meet the owner’s specific preferences and needs. These bungalows feature diverse designs, including lawns and more. Our close collaboration with both the owner and builder has enabled us to deliver tailored automation solutions for lighting, security, energy management, water systems, smart irrigation, and other aspects.


We enhance security, create automation scenes, and ensure energy efficiency. Collaborating closely with our clients, we tailor office automation solutions to perfectly match their unique needs.

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